Gladstone’s Revenge is live on Kickstarter

by Mark Andrew Smith on 13.09.22 in Uncategorised

Right now, we have a brand new 40 page one-shot, I couldn’t be more excited about, titled ‘Gladstone’s Revenge’. This story picks up from the origin story of how Gladstone’s Academy came to be.

Gladstone’s Revenge is written by legendary writer David Michelinie who is the creator of Venom, Carnage, and many other characters from popular culture. Gladstone’s Revenge is drawn by Gladstone’s co-creator Armand Villavert.

You can pick up our 40 page one-shot Gladstone’s Revenge on Kickstarter along with many other comics and graphic novels.

This Kickstarter also features an exclusive and limited-edition cover by comics legend Howard Chaykin which you can only get here for a limited time. It features a back cover by Francisco Tomaselli and cover by Armand Villavert.

Our Kickstarter is currently live. So be sure to hop over to the page to pick up Gladstone’s Revenge.

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