Kid Nefarious one-shots are printed!

by Mark Andrew Smith on 12.09.19 in Uncategorised
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Kid Nefarious is printed!

Armand received the printed books today. We are ordering bags and boards and getting ready for shipping soon. We will post updates as Armand ships orders to backers over the next few weeks. Thank you all again for your support and for making the Kid Nefarious one-shot possible. We are geeking out over these one-shots and having a great time making them. In a way they are the research and development wing of Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors. I hope we get to them for some time. The Skull Brothers one-shot should be colored around October and the Kickstarter for Kid Nefarious made that possible. We got a prelim Ghost Girl cover for her one-shot this week and that is jaw-dropping.  We can’t wait to show you the final cover.

-The Gladstone’s Crew


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