What is Gladstone’s?

by Daniel Pomlett on 14.01.19 in Uncategorised

The Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors series focuses on a school where the children of the world’s greatest Super-Villains learn their family’s trade. It’s an all ages series created for everyone. Geek Dads and Geek Moms can read the books and then pass them on for their children to enjoy.

We have at 6 books planned immediately in the Gladstone’s series and hopefully, we will be allowed to do more beyond those 6.

Book 3 is due for release this upcoming month.

This latest installment of Gladstone’s is a love letter to Shonen style Manga but unlike most manga is in full color. Gladstone’s 3 weighs in at a whopping 200 pages and sees the addition of two new characters to the Gladstone’s roster: The Speed Spectre and Man o’ War. Both characters appeared in the background since book 1 and have been hidden in plain sight the entire time.

A 100 page battle-royale awaits readers in the third book as the Gladstone’s crew go up against Scorpio Kane and his crew of super-powered mercenaries. After setting up a lot of the Gladstone’s universe in two books it was nice to take our characters out onto the open road, ramp up the speed, and see just how fast they can go in terms of abilities and battle maneuvers.

Book 3 is as epic as it gets.

In Spring of 2019 we plan to roll up our sleeves and create book 4 where our intrepid cadets set out on a mission to find a cosmic battle suit and thwart an ancient star-eater called Shiran who is due to consume our sun in two weeks’ time.

This Spring we have a set of one-shots planned written by guest writers and many are drawn by guest artists. We plan to fund these new one-shots in March of 2019 and we’ll be using Kickstarter to do this.

We will have exclusive shirts for sale only on the Kickstarter as funding perks for the one-shots. If these one-shots are successful, we will open the Gladstone’s Universe to new creative teams and let them play in our world of super-villainy.

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If you are new to Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors, the first book which is a full 200 pages is available online if you join our monthly email list.

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